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Temple City

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2007–10: Judy Wong, Cathe Wilson and David Capra, all city council members in 2007, accused of demanding and receiving bribes from real estate developer Randy Wang for his Temple City Piazza Mall. Capra pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of failing to report a campaign contribution. Wong entered a plea of no contest to 10 felony counts and was sentenced to 16 months in state prison and ordered to pay restitution of $16,700 to the developer and more than $16,000 in fines. Capra resigned from the council; Wilson was sentenced to four years in state prison.

Richard Winton, “Former Temple City mayor Gets 15 Months in Bribery Case,” Los Angeles Times, September 11, 2010

 “Cathe Wilson, Former Temple City Mayor, Sentenced to Prison for Bribery, Perjury,” Los Angeles Times, June 23, 2011


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