Freedom of Information Is Supreme

Sonoma County

The dates at the beginning of each listing are approximate.  Go here for a list of all names in this site.

1885: Supervisor S.R. Houser, indicted for embezzlement. His trial resulted in a hung jury.

“Indicted for Embezzlement—District Fair,” Sacramento Record-Union, August 15, 1885, page 8

“Failed to Agree,” Sacramento Record-Union, October 30, 1885, page 2

1910: Supervisor Isaac J. Button, indicted on a charge of “padding his lumber bills.” The indictment was dismissed after he paid back the money claimed by the county and resigned his seat, but he was immediately rearrested on a warrant charging him with “obtaining $90 from Sonoma County by false pretenses.” That charge, too, was dismissed.

“Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button,” San Francisco Call, June 2, 1910, page 1

“I.J. Button Freed of Graft Charges,” San Francisco Call, June 23, 1910, page 5


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