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The dates at the beginning of each listing are approximate. Access to the links may be restricted. Go here for a list of all names in this site.

1898: Harry W. Thomas, secretary of the Board of Public Works, charged with subornation of perjury attempted on a grand jury witness. The trial judge ruled the prosecution’s evidence was “incompetent,” and directed an acquittal.

“Law and the Ax Busy in Oakland’s Officialdom,” San Francisco Chronicle, March 31, 1898, page 12

“Harry Thomas Is Acquitted,” San Francisco Chronicle, June 4, 1898, page 7]

1915: Police Chief John Henry Nedderman, acquitted of a charge that he accepted a bribe to protect a gambling club. Other charges along the same line were then dismissed.

“Jury Acquits Nedderman of Graft Charge,” San Francisco Chronicle, October 22, 1919, page 2]

1920: Police Judge John J. Sullivan, charged with receipt of a bribe in his dismissal of the case against a man accused of an assault on a mother and child. The case was dropped by the prosecution for lack of corroborative evidence.

Catterini Case Again on Trial in Police Court,” San Francisco Chronicle, April 1, 1920, page 15

“State Drops Prosecution of Judge Sullivan for Bribery,” San Francisco Chronicle, July 17, 1920, page 1]

1960s: John C. Houlihan, mayor from 1961 to 1966, pleaded guilty to taking nearly $100,000 from an estate he was handling as an attorney. He served two years in prison and was pardoned in 1973 by President Reagan after being released on parole.

 “Former Oakland Mayor Houlihan Is Dead at 75,” Los Angeles Times, August 4, 1986, page SD-13


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