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Long Beach

The dates at the beginnings of the listings are approximate. Access to the links may require the use of a library card. Go here for a list of all names in this site.

1972–77: Ernest Mayer Jr., city planning director, sentenced to state prison for accepting more than $50,000 from two architects “for favors on six multi-million-dollar projects in the city.”

William Rempel, “Ex-Long Beach Official Gets Prison Term in Bribery Case,” Los Angeles Times, June 10, 1977, page E-8

1974–77: City Council Member Bert Bond, cleared of a charge that he conspired to operate an illegal gambling business in Long Beach by a judge who said the government’s proof was “weak, extremely weak.”

“Ex-Councilman, 2 Others Cleared in Gambling Case,” Los Angeles Times, May 14, 1977, page OC-12-A

1978–1986: James Wilson, city council member for 16 years, convicted of 21 counts of mail fraud and violating public disclosure laws by failing to report $54,000 in payments from manufacturer W. Patrick Moriarty, who wanted to open Long Beach to the legal sale of fireworks. Wilson was sentenced to three years in prison on one count, and the others were suspended.  He died of an apparent heart attack about a month after sentencing and never served time in prison.

John Kendall, “Long Beach’s Official Convicted: Wilson Guilty of Mail Fraud in Moriarty Case,” Los Angeles Times, April 17, 1986

John Kendall, “Long Beach Councilman Gets Three Years,” Los Angeles Times, May 17, 1986, page A-1

Daryl Kelley, “Convicted Ex-Long Beach Official Wilson Dies,” Los Angeles Times, June 13, 1986, page B-1


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