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The dates at the beginnings of the listings are approximate. Access to the links may be restricted. Go here for a list of all names in this site.

1931 and earlier: Robert B. Hedrick, city treasurer, pleaded guilty to stealing from the city “over a period of years.”

“Stealing City’s Money Brings Ten-Year Term,” Los Angeles Times, November 13, 1931, page A-3

1965–78: City Council Members Russell Woolfolk and Hillard Hamm, convicted of extortion in connection with a community redevelopment real-estate purchase, sentenced to three years in federal prison, five years’ probation and fines of $10,000.[

Ex-Councilmen Begin Terms for Extortion,” Los Angeles Times, May 11, 1978, page SE-1

1985–87: City Councilman Floyd A. James, whose felony charge of campaign-election violation was reduced to a misdemeanor in a plea bargain, fined $15,000 and placed on three years’ probation. He was also ordered to serve 80 hours of community service picking up trash on a freeway.

 William Nottingham, “Official Fined $15,000 for Election Fraud,” Los Angeles Times, July 1, 1987, page C-3

1996: Walter R. Tucker III, mayor and council member, convicted on charges of extortion and tax evasion. At the time of conviction he was a U.S. Congress member.

Jeff Leeds, “Former Rep. Tucker Reports to Prison for 27-Month Sentence,” Los Angeles Times, June 4, 1996, page 1

2004-12: Mayor Omar Bradley, Council Member Amen Rahh and City Manager John D. Johnson II, all convicted of misappropriation of public funds and unauthorized loans of public money. Council members Delores Zurita and Yvonne Arceneaux, acquitted of the same charges.

“Former Compton Mayor Omar Bradley, Two Others Convicted,” press release, February 10, 2004, Los Angeles County District Attorney

Bradley’s conviction was overturned in August 2012 when an appeals court said his trial had not proved that Bradley meant to break the law. Bradley appealed the conviction for years without success, but a California Supreme Court decision gave him a new argument. In that case, involving charges against Sutter County Auditor-Controller Robert Stark, the court determined that officials must know or be “criminally negligent” for not knowing that they are doing something illegal in order to be guilty of misappropriation of funds.

Abby Sewell, “Court Overturns Former Compton  Mayor Omar Bradley’s Conviction,” Los Angeles Times, August 3, 2012


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