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The dates at the beginning of the listings are approximate. Access to the links may be restricted. Go here for a list of all names in this site.

1973: City Administrator Lawrence O’Rourke and City Councilman Maurice H. Quigley, pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy in soliciting a bribe from a contractor. O’Rourke was sentenced to six months in jail, and Quigley was fined $1,000 and placed on four years’ probation. In 1976 Quigley’s conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor and then dismissed.

Mary Barber, “‘Nightmare Over’ for Quigley as Probation Ended,” Los Angeles Times, April 29, 1976, page SE-1

William Farr, “2 City of Commerce Officials Plead Innocent in Bribe Case,” Los Angeles Times, July 3, 1973, page A-1

“Former Official Pleads Guilty in Bribery Case,” Los Angeles Times, November 2, 1973, page D-4

 “The Southland,” Los Angeles Times, December 12, 1973, page 3-B

 “City of Commerce Ex-Mayor Gets Fine,” March 6, 1974, page 3

1983–85: Robert Eula, Arthur Loya and Ricardo Vasquez, City Council members, and Phil C. Jacks, economic development director, pleaded guilty to receiving bribes in the granting of permission for a poker club in the city. They were given “relatively light sentences,” the maximum being 10 months, in exchange for their testimony against Orange County businessman and Las Vegas gambling figure Frank J. Sansone.

Bill Farr, “Officials Saw Payoff in Deal on Poker Club — Prosecutor,” Los Angeles Times, March 6, 1985, page C-1

Bill Farr, “4 Ex-Officials Sentenced in Poker Parlor License Deal,” Los Angeles Times, April 9, 1985, page C-1


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