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2013: Oscar Hernandez, Teresa Jacobo, George Cole, George Mirabel and Victor Bello  were convicted of misappropriation of public funds. Luis Artiga was acquitted.

Robert Holguin, Miriam Hernandez and Sid Garcia, “Bell Corruption Trial Verdicts,” ABC News, March 20, 2013

2013: A state appeals court ruled  that the working-class city of Bell will not have to pay the legal costs for Robert Rizzo, the former city manager who pleaded no contest this week to 69 counts of corruption-related crimes.

The 3-0 ruling that Bell doesn’t have to pay for Rizzo’s defense in civil or criminal cases could save the city millions of dollars, said Anthony Taylor, Bell’s lead litigation counsel. More at this link.

2013: Here is a photo of Angela Spaccia,0,5267953.story

2013: Angela Spaccia insisted in court on October 4 that she was not guilty of corruption. She said that her former boss, Robert Rizzo, was the mastermind. Jury selection will begin Monday, October 7.

Rizzo has pleaded “no contest” (a near-equivalent to “guilty”) to 69 charges of misappropriating public funds and has blamed Spaccia.  Prosecutors expect he will be sentenced to 10 to 12 years in prison.

More information: Los Angeles Times at,0,1632472.story



There is a mug shot of  Rizzo here.


2010-13: Luis Artiga, Victor Bello, George Cole,  Oscar Hernandez,  Teresa Jacobo, George Mirabal, Robert Rizzo and Angela Spaccia, charged in the City of Bell salary controversy.

Ex-Bell Officials Plead Not Guilty,” KFI Radio, March 18, 2011

In March 2013 a jury found ex-Mayor Hernandez and former City Council members Jacobo and Mirabal each guilty on five felony counts of misappropriation of public funds and acquitted them of five other counts.

Former Councilman  Cole was convicted of two counts and acquitted of two others, while ex-Councilman  Bellow was found guilty of four counts and acquitted of four others. Ex-Councilman Luis Artiga, was acquitted of all 12 counts against him and wept openly as Judge Kathleen Kenedy told him he was free to go.

“Five Ex-Officials from Bell, California, Convicted in Corruption Trial,” Reuters, March 20, 2013

1983–85: City Administrator John D. Pitts, sentenced to six months in federal prison, and Councilman Peter Werrlein Jr., three years in prison and a $21,000 fine, for corruption involving their hidden ownership of a poker club within the city limits. Werrlein also forfeited $400,000 in profits from the club’s operation.

Bill Farr, “Ex-Official, Attorney Sentenced in Casino Deal,” Los Angeles Times, June 25, 1985, page B-2


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