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1936. City Manager Ray Fritz, convicted of perjury and “inducing a witness to give false testimony to the grand jury in its investigation of Alameda municipal affairs.”  The case was highlighted by the discovery of a system of dictograph recording machines that fed into a “master amplifier” in Fritz’s office.  Fritz was sentenced to San Quentin Prison. Mayor Hans W. Roebke and Council Members C.W. Broyles and Bruce Munroe pleaded guilty to petty theft. Indictments against William J. Locke, city attorney, and S.G. Blood, city clerk, were dismissed.

“Jury Convicts Ousted Alameda Manager,” Los Angeles Times, September 24, 1936, page 9

 “New Furor in Alameda,” Los Angeles Times, June 28, 1936, page 3

 “City Manager Sent to Prison,” Los Angeles Times, October 1, 1936]

 “Former Officials Plead Guilty,” Los Angeles Times, September 29, 1936, page 5


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