Freedom of Information Is Supreme

Alameda County

The dates at the beginning of each listing are approximate. Access to the links may be restricted.

1881. Ex-Supervisor John F. Smith, “three charges of felony,” and Supervisor Frederick F. Myer, the same.

“The Oakland Ring,” ”San Francisco Chronicle,” May 28, 1881, page 8

1894–97. County Auditor Myron A. Whidden, charged with stealing tax receipts and forging documents to cover it up.  The charges were dismissed after the prosecution failed to prove its case.

“County Officials Indicted,” San Francisco Chronicle,” September 12, 1895, page 11

“Myron Whidden Held to Be Guiltless,” San Francisco Chronicle, November 5, 1897, page 7

1902. County Assessor Henry P. Dalton, acquitted of a charge that he presented a fraudulent claim against the county.

“Jury’s Verdict Acquits Dalton,” San Francisco Chronicle,  August 7, 1902, page 7

1926-30. After years of investigation by District Attorney Earl Warren, Sheriff Burton Becker was convicted on corruption charges, removed from office and sent to San Quentin Prison.

Earl Warren. ”The Memoirs of Earl Warren,” Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1977. p 101

G. Edward White,. ”Earl Warren, a Public Life”. New York: Oxford University Press, 1982. p 29

Ed Cray, ”Chief justice: a biography of Earl Warren,” New York: Simon and Schuster, 1997. pp 52–57


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